Monday, April 25, 2011

Gordon Duff: WikiWeasel: Wikileaks Goes Whacky

April 25, 2011 posted by Gordon Duff · 4 Comments


disinformation campaign against the US, Pakistan and Libyan rebels

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
Wikileaks is like the Hydra of Greek mythology.  You cut off one head, another springs out, even more vicious than the one lying at your feet.  After having waited until the scandal died down, discrediting Wikileaks for its ties to Israeli intelligence and its pattern of using censorship and ‘seeded’ information to serve a pro-war agenda, 700 new documents are released today on “Gitmo.”
At first glance, this is the usual Wikileaks “chickenfeed.”  Yes, everyone knows America tortured prisoners, held innocent men for years and was utterly inept in handling intelligence.  Though tales of sexual humiliation and torture sell newspapers, the information itself was old news years ago.  However, as is usually the case, every Wikileak has a “Wiki-agenda” behind it and this one, as usual, is no exception. ...

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  1. I don't see compelling evidence for Wikileaks as an Israeli operation. Assange received the Sam Anson award for "integrity in intelligence" from a bunch of CIA spooks.

    The thing is, the US and Israel are both largely controlled by the same Zionist elite. So what difference would it make whether Wikileaks were CIA or Mossad controlled?

    What is hard to doubt is that Wikileaks are spiked, as Bzrezinski has asserted. Also hard to doubt is the possibility of the operation continuing if it were fundamentally hostile to the US interest.

  2. Assange is no threat or he would be dead, like Pat Tillman.

    “The American people are afraid, they see disaster coming. Everyone is waiting to see what city is chosen to be sacrificed. Will it be Phoenix or Sacramento or perhaps Atlanta? This is the real fear, the “not so secret” fear in the heart of every American.”

    Dang, if it was a Pacific port town or two, then goods might need to come in via Mexico. That would bypass West Coast labor unions if only they had some kind of corridor to ship goods up from Mexico!

    And Burshire Hatheway who puchased BSNF, the biggest hauler of food products, would control the food hub in Kansas City.

  3. "if only they had some kind of corridor to ship goods up from Mexico!"

    Reuters Jan 6, 2011: U.S. proposes to open roads to Mexican trucks.