Thursday, March 31, 2011

Koussa, Hess, Lockerbie, Robert Halfon

By Aangirfan

Gaddafi's foreign minister Moussa Koussa - blamed by the CIA for the Lockerbie bombing - is being questioned in a 'secure location' in the UK, following 'pressure from MI6'.

Our old friend Robert Halfon (Rob's Blog), a UK Conservative MP who has tabled parliamentary motions on Lockerbie, said Koussa's arrival in the UK was comparable to that of Hitler's lieutenant, Rudolf Hess, during the Second World War.

(Libyan foreign minister Musa Koussa in UK.)

Robert Halfon's family is Jewish-Italian and Robert's grandfather lived in Libya. (Rob's Blog: My father thinks he shook hands with Gadaffi)

Robert is Political Director of Conservative Friends of Israel.

We assume Rob has done his research on Hess and on Lockerbie ...

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